Month: February 2018

Facebook Marketing Basics To Know

With the popularity of Facebook and other social media websites, it has become essential for businesses to be savvy on social media marketing. Facebook marketing, in particular, has its unique benefits. Among the subtypes of social media marketing, this would be among the most effective ways to enhance brand recall and create hype about your business. Here is more info by Facebook marketing pro Graeme Winchester and also the social media experts from Viral Media Boost and this market research firm that will help you get started.

The first step to marketing your business is to create a Facebook Page. This differs from a personal Facebook profile as you can have several people collaborating to create and share content to your respective target market. But much like a regular Facebook account, you can add a profile photo and enter details such as nature of the business, contact details, and description. You can also assign members of your team as Administrators, Editors, Moderators, etc. who all have unique roles.

Sally Marshall runs the marketing for this heating repair company and also for Evolvmd says “Another great feature of Facebook Pages is the option to add a “call to action” button that allows the followers of your business to interact with you, such as Get in Touch, Book Services, or even make a purchase or donation.”

Katie Johnson sells led tape online and bathroom radiators as well and notes “After you’ve created your Page, the next step will be to promote your business to your current Facebook contacts, especially your colleagues. Hopefully, enough of them will be interested enough to follow you or further promote your business to their friends. Either way, your page is out there, so your brand is on its way to generating lots of activity.”

That being said, it’s important to stay active on Facebook. Post marketing materials like advertisements, event updates, or just great content which you think your customers would find interesting. Also, be sure to respond quickly to messages. Facebook indicates if a certain Page is “very responsive to messages”, which can be a useful strategy to keep your followers engaged. With Facebook’s helpful features, there’s no reason for you not to be able to promote your business effectively and easily.